Sri, Melbourne July 2014

I had small patch of skin rash over my knees and on Calf muscles. I showed it to my doctor and she confirmed that it was psoriasis. Well over the weeks more came up and my doctor prescribed all sorts of creams, which I can honestly say did not seem to do much good. Eventually my Doctor referred me to a skin specialist and he said he could not cure me, but he could stop spreading for a while. I was suffering from this from early 2010 and I have been to several skin specialists with no result. Psoriasis slowly started spreading and even quicker than before and it had spread to my joints which started to affect my head, neck, knees, hips and back.

In Feb 2014 I came know about Dr. Selvi Mani’s Trio Therapy (Herbal Treatment, Diet and Yoga Therapy) Healing Psoriasis by Natural Treatment. I consulted her in Feb 2014. She provided herbal oil to apply on the skin, and herbal hair oil to apply on the scalp and special diet plan to reduce the itchiness. Also she taught me few Yoga techniques to calm down my mind and it helped to reduce my stress level. I did exactly what she asked me to do. Well after about two weeks, I immediately saw results; my psoriasis first stopped spreading and then starting going away and now 4 months on I have no psoriasis on my skin and even my scalp became pink and healthy. My family members are very happy and I am relieved from the stress and I am more confident at home and at work.

Dr. Selvi Mani has given me my life back. If you have psoriasis or any other Skin diseases contact SAHA SIDDHA HERBAL TREATMENT AND YOGA THERAPY CENTRE. Best of luck to you all and I would recommend others to try the Herbal Treatments, diet and Yoga therapy (Trio Therapy).


Udaya K, Melbourne July 2014

I had been to the dermatologist for several weeks only to be prescribed stronger steroid creams. I came across this  website and decided to give a try to Natural medicine and I wanted to quit using the steroid creams. I consulted Dr. Selvi and applied the herbal oil provided by her. It took about 10 days to clear the Psoriasis on my leg and arms .I recommend SAHA SIDDHA HERBAL TREATMENT AND YOGA THERAPY CENTRE to anyone who suffers from Psoriasis.


Mary, Melbourne June 2014

My 14 yr old boy had eczema for last 2 years and it has become exceptionally bad in April 2014. We used just about everything out there but nothing worked well. After using Dr. Selvi Mani’s natural medicine, we noticed great improvement. He is less dry and redness almost disappeared after using herbal oil provided by Dr. Selivi. Thank you for your help.

Control W

Lisa McKinney, Melbourne 04.08.2014

Since being introduced to Control W, I have found I have more energy which assists me with my fitness training and also my general wellbeing. I do take quite a few supplements, but have found I don’t need as many by taking Control W.

Control D

Judy Henderson, QLD 22.12.13

After 4 years of illness and massive weight gain, I was finally diagnosed with Diabetes late in 2002. Treatment was the usual oral medication and insulin injections.  About 6 months later another “top up” insulin injection was added. Over the years, I have tried various supplements and they have helped, but with the side effects of the diabetes becoming more evident overtime. In 2011, increase in medication led to constant diarrhea and many changes in medication trying to resolve the problem. Unfortunately the side effect of the insulin, the diarrhea was so severe I was unable to leave the house until the afternoon. I had nausea daily to the stage where I didn’t want to eat. As the insulin increased so did my weight and I regained all the weight I had managed to lose. Apparently these are common side effects to the insulin. I started the Control D on 1st December 2013 and have found that it not only controls the nausea problem, but my blood sugar levels have dropped considerably for both morning and night readings. I have a lot more stamina and have been able to cope with a lot more physically activity in the garden and focus on work. Best thing of all is that doctor has agreed to a reduction in my daily insulin, which I hope will lead to a reduction in weight, which hopefully will also influence future reduction in insulin required. Exercise and diet have not been able influence my weight, but with Control D I believe I can maintain good blood sugar levels and reduce the insulin to have much better and stable outcomes on a daily basis. I see this as a massive positive step in the management of the Diabetes, more and more pharmaceutical medications has not been a solution for me, which has led me to search for a natural alternative to combat the problems with my health.

Control D

Douglas M Beames, Australia 20.12.2013


My neurologist has been able to attribute my recent improved Type II diabetes which I’ve had since 1998 (when it was diagnosed by my GP). We believe this is because my diabetes has been extremely well managed (if not eliminated) through the use of Control D. My last “90 days, look-back test” recorded my average reading at 6.2, despite the stress that I have been under and the abuse of eating habits when confronted with the slightest of stress. I’m heading for 64 years, however, I enjoy bicycling (I can’t walk any great distance or drive a car) so I cycle at every opportunity. I attribute my ability in being able to perform these physical activities to Control D.

Control D has already proven itself a perfect manager of my Diabetes II. The required dosage is easy to prepare (20ml single shot) and is pleasant to the taste. If I experience a rapid rise in sugar levels, a small dose of Control D will lower my levels back to normal. I have over the years tried many products to control my diabetes and associated conditions. I can say the Control D has produced for me the best results with no side effects.


Control W

Wayne Jones, Australia

Being an avid golf player up to four games a week and over 50, my brain was willing but my body was not, trouble was my knees and shoulders ached with arthritis and joint pain that made my golf handicap go up instead of down, Options were give up the game that I loved or seek treatment, I took the later. For the last three months I have been taking Control W which is a bio fermented, probiotic process of herbal extraction, fusion of natural herbs (in other words mixed natural herbs). The results have been fantastic, more fluid movement in my swing no more sore knees and shoulders, recovery time reduced to nil and the golf handicap from 12 to 8.

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