What is Siddha Medicine

The Siddha medicine is the oldest traditional treatment systems of medicines, generated from Tamil culture in South India and it is believed to be one of the oldest medical systems in the known universe. Siddha system of medicine originated from Dravidian civilization in Lemuria, a continent situated in the Indian Ocean, one-time land called kumarikandam submerged under Indian Ocean. 


The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi which means an object to be attained perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha focused to "Ashtamahasiddhi" the eight supernatural powers. The eight supernatural powers are


  • Anima: The power of making big material into small one

  • Mahima: The power of making a small material into big one

  • Lahima: The power of making heavy weight object as light object

  • Karima: The power of making light object as heavy weight object

  • Praathi: The power of wandering everywhere without any obstacle

  • Pirakamiyam: The power of getting desired appearance

  • Vasithuvam: The power of hypnotizing celestials, humans, demons, animals, birds, reptiles and trees

  • Easathuvam: The power of handling five things: creation, protection, destruction, concealment and showing grace

Those who attained or achieved the above said eight powers are known as Siddhars (Saints). The Siddha medical system was developed by 18 ancient supernatural spiritual saints (Siddhar) of India. Hence, it is called Siddha medicine. These siddhars did many researches and found medical qualities of each material and also did research on astronomy, astrology, medicine and concluded their results. They 

provided practical medical solutions applicable even to the current era and they are the world’s first scientists and forgoer of science.


Siddha medicine classifies the human body with seven elements and these seven elements are responsible for physical, physiological and psychological functions of the human body and these elements must be maintained in good condition to remain healthy. Siddhars identified the below seven elements before 5,000 BC


  • Saram/ooneer (Plasma)Responsible for body growth, development and receive nourishment

  • Chenneer (Blood):  Responsible for promoting healthy muscles and brain activity

  • Oon (Muscle): Responsible for shape of the body

  • Kollzuppu (Fatty tissue) : Responsible for internal balance (Oil balance and lubricating joints)

  • Elumbu (Bone): One which creates the structure of the human body and allows for movement

  • Moolai (Marrow) : One which provides strength and responsible for formation of blood corpuscles

  • Sukkilam / Inthiriyam (Semen): One which is responsible for reproduction


The above listed seven elements are activated by three components


  • Vatham (Air)

  • Pitham (Fire or Heat or Energy)

  • Kapham (Earth and Water)

When the balances of these three components are thrown out of proper proportions in our body, various disorders or diseases are caused. The key factors that affect or disturb the balance state of these three components in our body are diet, physical activities, environmental factors and stress.


How to keep the three components in our body under control?


A Siddha medical system shows the ways to how to keep the three components undisturbed and to maintain the seven elements in normal condition. Siddha medicine focuses on diet, yoga, meditation and lifestyle to both prevent and cure disease. It is a spiritual and physical approach to health, upholding the belief that a healthy spirit leads to a healthy body.


What are the advantages of Siddha Medicine?


The advantages of Siddha system of medicine were that minor dosages could give maximum benefits, patient-friendly, cost-effective, no side effects and treated along with therapeutic siddha yoga, prana yoga and mudra yoga techniques. Many chronic diseases, considered incurable in western medicine, can be treated successfully with Siddha medicine.


Diagnosing and Treating Diseases


When disease is suspected below examinations done during diagnosis

  • Pulse reading

  • Examining the body by touch

  • Examining the voice

  • Examining the skin color

  • Examining the eyes

  • Examining the tongue


Treatment in siddha medicine focuses on keeping the three components in balance and maintaining the seven elements in normal condition to have a healthy body and mind. Along with medications, Siddha medical system recommends daily yoga, meditation or fasting as methods for fighting off disease. According to therapies the treatments of siddha medicines could be further categorized into following categories such as 


Purgative Therapy: Purgatives or laxatives provide relief from excess vatham problems like arthritis and paraplegia. Old people, children, and pregnant women are not given purgatives.


Emetic Therapy: Emetic therapy is used to rid the body of Pitham and Kapham diseases associated with vatham. An emetic is medicine that causes vomiting. Pregnant women, patients of hernia, and haematemesis are not given any Emetic therapy.


Fasting Therapy: Siddha believes disturbances in the digestive health causes disease, so fasting therapy recommended (light or liquid diet). Pregnant women, people with other ailments, children, and the aged are not advised against this form of therapy.


Steam Therapy: Steam removes the excess fluid in the body. Turmeric powder and nochi leaves are the commonly used herbs. For sinusitis, lemon seeds and turmeric are used for steam inhalation. For body ache salt, Carum copticum, asafoetida and Piper longum are added to boiling water.


Oleation Therapy: For diseases of the neck and head, an oil massage and bath are recommended.


Physical Therapy: This involves massage with or without oil, tapping, pressing, catching, tying, pulling, pushing, pressing or physically applying pressure for therapeutics. It relaxes the body, regulates circulation, and increases vitality in the individual. This therapy has to be administered by experts only.


Solar Therapy: Exposing patients to sunlight is said to be beneficial for vatham complaints. All parts, except the head can be exposed to sunlight. Some schools observe that the evening rays of the sun are the best for healing.


Yoga Therapy: Yoga and meditation to patients reduce stress , anxiety, improve immunity, obtain emotional imbalance, increase quality of voice, regulate breathing and rejuvenate the body.

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